6 Signs Your Home Needs A Fresh Coat Of Paint

When painting a home, it’s best to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. While this is a simple project that can be tackled by even the least experienced novice, you still need to take precautions and know what you’re getting into before beginning.  No paint job is perfect, but if done right – your results will last you for years.

If your home was built before 1978, it’s best to invest in a lead-based paint test as well as protective clothing and gear.  You can find out if you need these items by contacting your local town or city office. Otherwise, here are 6 quick signs that indicate your investment would be better placed elsewhere.

1) The shingles on your roof are beginning to peel.

This is the most obvious sign that one of your exterior surfaces needs a fresh coat of paint. If left unattended, these shingles will begin to curl and eventually become so flimsy they’ll blow off in high winds. Most likely if this has happened you’ve noticed water leakage in your walls. A fresh coat of paint will stop the leak, but don’t forget to caulk any cracks or gaps!

2) You have an abundance of peeling around your window panes.

If this is happening, it’s most likely because you haven’t given them enough time between coats (even though you’re using the correct drying time). Paint is one of those types of products where it’s easy to keep adding more and more coats, thinking that once you have 10 done this project will be complete. Not so! This can cause your paint job to bubble or peel at any point in time.

3) Your front door has seen better days.

If you have a door that is made of wood, it’s best to give it a few coats of paint every so often. This gives your door not only a fresh look but also helps protect the wood from damage due to weather conditions.

4) You’re tired of seeing rust spots on the outside of your home.

Rust in the form of a chipped window sill or peeling front door is definitely an eyesore. A good paint job can fix this problem in no time at all.

5) Your home has lost its original color appeal.

It’s amazing what one fresh coat of paint can do for your home, but if you need to go back to your roots, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. When painting the exterior of your home make sure you opt for an oil-based primer first. This will seal in any previous colors and give you a nice base paint coat!

6) It’s time for a change.

With all of the different types of paints available these days, you can pick and choose exactly what is right for your décor. Don’t forget to consider the color of your trim, garage doors and shutters!

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