7 Tips On How To Make Black Wall Paint Work

Black paint can be such a challenge to work with. It’s so dramatic and pops in the right setting, but it’s also way too easy to make a mistake that ruins your entire room. Follow these seven tips on how to make black wall paint work for you.

1. Don’t be a black wall paint snob

Black is a versatile color that can play well with just about anything. It’s like the popular girl in school that’s friends with everyone. The key to making sure your room doesn’t get too chaotic (and you don’t end up hating all of the colors you’ve chosen) is to stick to a limited color palette.

2. Hang art at eye level

The largest piece of art in the room should be hung above the sofa or above a console table, and anything larger than that should go over a fireplace mantel. Once your eye travels down from those pieces, it’s done traveling for the day, so make sure to hang all of your little pieces somewhere in between.

3. Keep it low

When you’re trying to create visual harmony in a room, it’s important to have things on the floor that are just as interesting as what’s hanging on the walls. This helps keep your eye moving around the room and prevents it from focusing on just one area.

4. High contrast is your friend

Paint a low-contrast, light color like gray next to black, and you’ll feel like you’re staring at two dark holes in the wall. Adding white or pale blue helps make the black pop and brings it closer visually to the light color.

5. Keep the floors simple

In a busy room, it’s best to keep the floor as neutral as possible. This will help ground all of those little pieces of art and prevent them from visually floating around on your walls. You can experiment with interesting tiles or even a rug in a contrasting color, but this is one of the few places where you’ll want to keep it simple.

6. Try a touch of metallics

A reflective surface helps open things up visually, so try painting your fireplace mantel or some metal furniture in a light silver or gold color for an instant glam upgrade.

7. Break up the room

If you’re afraid of making a commitment with black paint, try painting just one wall. This can be a great way to experiment without having to be totally committed or it can also create a focal point in a larger room.

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