Add A Splash Of Green To Any Room

There’s a bit of spring in the air! The Ethereal Painters  Color of the Month  is green – and we’re pumped. This hue will help brighten your home after winter has gone on too long, creating an inviting atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all who visit you this month.

Green is the color of spring and has a natural freshness to it. Green can be added in your home by using plants and flowers, painting rooms green or even adding some decorative touches like pillows with green designs on them!

There’s a perfect shade for everyone, whether you want to go bold with bright lime or keep things calm using mint. Bring some elements of green to your home!


Which room would you like to create with green? A lively, energetic living room or a more relaxed one where people can relax and chat? Once you’ve decided this will help guide your color choices.

For a lighter, more pastel green color scheme, you could go with allover wall paint. However if using brighter shades of green then stick to accent colors or furniture pieces.


Olive green brings a natural sophistication to your room. It pairs well with browns and walnut wood tones for an earthy vibe. Try it on the walls or couch cushions!

Earthy, calming light olive green is a soothing choice for allover wall color. Pair it with neutral colors and more natural fabrics to create a calm space in your room. You can add some pops of blue—it’s on the same side of the color wheel as green!


If you’re looking to create a calming space, go for sage green. This gorgeous tone is more gentle than other shades of green and feels perfect in bedrooms or bathrooms – any place where you need some peace and quiet!

For a more classic feel, pair sage walls with white trim and creamy accents. Alternatively, for a natural vibe choose lighter wood tones like ash or pine paired with soft gray furniture. To create an elegant yet cozy feeling space use the colors of burnt orange/mahogany mixed in dark woods to accentuate your room design instead.


Mint is very similar to sage, but it’s more energetic and bright. This makes mint perfect for rooms with a lot of natural light like in the 50s or 60s when this color was popular. Mint walls are great if you want that retro feel! Mint is a great color to add some flair and femininity to your bedroom.


Lime is a bold color that needs balance to create the perfect space. You can try painting allover lime walls or paint an accent wall in lime green with light wood tones, crisp white, and black and white for some contrast.

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