All About Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting can be both exciting and profitable, depending on how hard a commercial painting company is willing to work. Commercial painting tasks vary from rennovations and new construction to commercial property maintenance. There are many commercial painting companies throughout the world who will offer their commercial painting services at a lower cost than others because they may not have commercial expertise or will do it as part of a package with other services such as remodeling or window cleaning.

Commercial painters often must abide by safety regulations set forth by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Knowing your local commercial painters permit rules in your city or county is important before hiring them for any commercial project. Contractors that specialize in commercial projects should always ask for proof of insurance coverage especially if the commercial painting project involves any type of liability. Our professional team at Ethereal Painters abide by all safety regulations. Call us today at 604-505-2745 for a free quote or fill out our form estimate form here. 

Commercial painters are in demand for a variety of reasons. Commercial building owners often need commercial painting services performed on their commercial properties because the industrial and commercial business world has high traffic flow with many employees using commercial buildings all day, every day, some commercial buildings are used as retail stores or commercial spaces like an office building or restaurant that needs interior commercial painting service done periodically to maintain it’s new look.

Commercial painters can do many types of projects but there is one thing most commercial businesses want from a commercial painter and that is professional results which means the results will be aesthetically pleasing and durability. For instance; if your company was considering hiring a commercial painter to paint your office building you would want commercial painters that have a commercial painting business that has commercial expertise.

Commercial painters know what products are commercial grade and will give your commercial building the best protection from the elements, in addition commercial painters understand how to prep surfaces properly so any commercial painting project will look great for many years to come. Commercial painting projects can be very large or small, big or small commercial jobs do not scare away commercial painters because they can handle any size job no matter how big or small.

Commercial Painters specialize in large industrial buildings and specialized areas for example; if you owned a store that sold bath fixtures you would need commercial painters who knew the ins & outs of working with vinyl as it is used in most bathtubs and commercial painters would know the best commercial paints to use that are commercial grade and resistant to stains.

Commercial Painters understand commercial painting techniques like commercial induction hardening, commercial electrostatic spraying and many other commercial painting techniques that commercial painters can share with you at your next building maintenance meeting so all those in attendance can be aware of proper commercial painting techniques for every type of project you want them to do.

Commercial Painting companies will always follow-up with their customers to make sure they were satisfied with commercial painters services as far as providing them with a detailed sketch or a photo album of each complete project before leaving your commercial property.

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