All About Interior Painting

Ever wondered what to consider when hiring an interior painter?

“A Fresh Coat of Paint” is the classic phrase used to describe a new layer of wall paint put on an interior room in your home. But why does it need to be covered with paint? What purpose does it serve, and what is the process from start to finish?


Before you start anything, there’s the question of cost. The biggest factor for consideration is whether you are planning to hire professional painters or do it yourself. If doing-it-yourself is not an option, then see if hiring professionals at could save you enough money over time when compared to painting yoursself multiple times over several years.

Knowledge & Experience

Painting contractors usually have many years of experience doing all different kinds of painting projects. They know how to prep the walls for a smooth paint surface, what type of paint is best for your project and they have the tools and equipment to get it done right. It’s no surprise that most homeowners choose to hire professionals to do their interior house painting.

Scope of Work

If you’re going with a contractor, be sure to clearly spell out everything you want included in the quote. If your total price quote from a professional includes only “interior painting” then expect s/he will include some furniture moving, light fixture removing & replacing, maybe some minor ceiling repair or patching and possibly replacement if necessary (some jobs may require additional materials depending on what was originally used). But it usually doesn’t include carpets, window coverings or possibly some minor repairs. Those things are extras you will need to consider and factor into your budget accordingly.

Instructions & Preparation

If you hired a professional painter to do all the work then simply stay out of his/her way; let them get on with their job while you move furniture, remove light fixtures & cleaning windows, etc. If painting yourself , there are important steps in the preparation process that must be observed (or else you will encounter problems like cracking paint due to insufficient drying time between coats). Also keep in mind that most good quality interior paints require at least a week of drying time before being able to be cleaned.

Quality of Paint

The paint is the most important part of your painting project, as its quality will affect both the appearance and durability of your results. Lower quality paint will not last nor present an attractive appearance over time. If you’re on a budget then options are available, but they usually come with high VOC’s (volatile organic compounds; which can be harmful to you & your family), require multiple coats for complete coverage and don’t always provide a smooth surface or consistent application from one gallon batch to next. There are many good manufacturers out there like Sherwin Williams, Behr and Benjamin Moore that make excellent paints.

Project Management

If you’re not a professional painter then directing the painters to do what you want done properly can sometimes be difficult. To minimize frustration from your lack of knowledge of the painting process, consider hiring someone who has had previous experience in managing painting projects for other people (and even possibly some interior house painting themselves).

Interior Paint Styles

If you’re looking for interior paint styles then brick may be something worth considering; some people will also go as far as taping off bricks in order to achieve interior house painting between them. Brick interior paint styles can be used to your advantage by creating a focal point around interior house painting or even simply in areas that will seem darker than the rest of the room.

Interior Paint Finishes

A primer interior house painting is something that goes over interior house paint that gives it a base to which interior paint can adhere and have a smooth finish; interior priming can be done by hand or using special interior house painting sprayers.

Interior Paint Techniques

One of the most popular interior paint techniques is known as ‘eggshell’ which has a satin exterior appearance but with interior brightness; this interior house painting technique will give an impression of depth depending on the colour applied. Another interior paint technique that’s gaining popularity amongst interior designers & home owners is called ‘scraping’; in this case, natural light (along with bright lighting) will accentuate any interior layers created due to scraping – interior interior house painting job is something to consider if you’re looking for more interior depth & appeal.

Interior Paint Tips

If interior interior house painting tips are what you’re after then here’s a list that may come in handy: two coats of interior paint should be applied unless otherwise specified on the interior door (or other interior piece) being painted. Always wear protective clothing, gloves etc. when applying interior paint – not only will they make your job much easier but they’ll also protect any existing pieces of furniture from getting damaged during interior house painting; and finally it’s important not to skimp on quality when it comes to choosing interior surface preparation products because it can have a big impact on final results; choose those made by reputable manufacturers

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