Basement Painting

Homeowners may use their basements for extra storage or living space. Whether a homeowner wants to give the basement an update, they should be sure that it is clean and inviting before starting any renovation project. Ethereal Painters can help homeowners achieve this goal with fresh paint on walls!

Every basement is a bit different, but they typically have one thing in common: they don’t get much natural light. Basements are naturally dark which means you really want to choose your colors carefully when it comes to painting. While you might think bright white would be the only option, adding more color can make someone who spends time down there feel comfortable and brighter instead of darker & dreary with bleek walls. When choosing ideal basement paint colors like taupe or cream for wall home decorating ideas will allow warm neutrals that still look good on any budget.Very light cool-toned paints like soft gray lavender blue etcetera can also give people’s basments some brightness without having to.

If you want help finding the right color for your basement, call us! We work with people to find their desired aesthetic.


Choosing the right paint for your basement is a must, especially if you have stairs. You want to make sure that it’s easy to clean and has excellent durability because these are high-traffic areas where people tend to spill things on them.


Exposed beams and ductwork can make your basement look polished. Painting an unfinished ceiling is a good idea because it gives the space modern, industrial vibe. If you are thinking of adding color to ceilings in basements, choose crisp white for simple yet open-space feel or go with other colors depending on how they work inside the room.There are many ways to make the ceilings of your home stand out. One way is by adding color, but this depends on where you’re planning to do it and what would work best for that space. We want customers like yourself happy with their choices so we’d love to help create a plan that works well!


Painted floors can transform your basement into a warm, functional living space. If you’d like to create better storage or turn your cellar into an additional room of the house, Ethereal Painters will help choose the right paint type and color for durability and easy cleaning.


When you’re ready to give your basement an update with a new coat of paint, Ethereal Painters is ready to transform your home,Contact  today at 604-505-2745 to speak to an expert or Fill out our free estimate form.