Best Paint Color For Basement Walls

Basements are not generally known for being places that are highly desired to be in. People do not find them to be extremely inviting nor comfortable, exactly because they often tend to have a dark feel with little natural light, making them cold and dreary. There are ways of changing all this, making basements much more desirable living spaces. One method is to paint the basement walls.

Paint for Basement Walls

The first step is to choose the right type of paint, whether it be oil or latex. Latex paints are cheaper but do not handle moisture well and can swell, crack, and peel easily if exposed to excess moisture like flooding or leaks. Oil-based paints may be slightly more expensive but they handle moisture much better and are generally preferred.

There is a wide variety of paint colors to choose from, including lighter and darker versions of the same color so that one does not have to settle on just one particular shade. They can also vary in terms of undertones; one may be redder than the other, for example.

The colors should be carefully considered, though, because certain colors can make a room feel cold or warmer depending on the shade used. When possible it is wise to stick to neutral colors like beige, ivory, sandstone white, and other earth tones which also provide the benefit of making the room seem bigger since they are not as intense as bolder colors.

Dark Colors

This brings up the topic of dark colors for basement walls. Dark paint colors may be chosen because they are more noticeable, especially if one wants to create a dramatic effect by painting the room black, white, or grey. However, this is not desired in a basement since it would tend to make the room seem even colder.

There are many dark colors that are still light enough in tone to be considered neutral, but it is important to choose them carefully. Some deep reds can appear almost purple in dim lighting, for instance, while others may look sophisticated.

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