Best Paint Color For Wood

The best paint color for wood is a tough call. A few caveats: the actual color of doors and other solid pieces of wood can be dramatically influenced by lighting, so what looks good in the middle of the day might not look as good when your home is lit up at night.

Furniture painted in bright colors will always receive notice, but most homeowners like to choose colors that blend into the background.

Paint color is not an exact science.

Consumer Reports claims that most people who paint their walls white will eventually wish they had picked another color, which makes it difficult to decide whether or not you should go with a darker wood tone for your home.

These are the ten best paint colors for wood:

  1.  Sherwin-Williams’ Gentle Rain
  2.  Behr’s Golden Pecan
  3.  Farrow & Ball’s London Blue
  4.  Dunn-Edwards Onyx
  5.  Behr’s the Black Forest
  6.  Benjamin Moore’s Lancaster White
  7.  Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy
  8.  Farrow & Ball’s China White
  9.  Behr’s Straw
  10.  Behr’s Half Moon Crest

In fact, when you set out to paint your home, you should always defer to experts, as they know which color combinations will stand the test of time.

However, just because a paint color is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for your home, so consider the following factors as well:

The more furniture and other wall hangings you have, the darker the wood tone should be, as this will help tie everything together. The  Ethereal Painters team can help you! Just contact us for your free estimate at  604-788-3382 or fill out our estimate form on our website.