Paint Color To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

A luxurious home is one that has a lot of thick textures and colorful materials.  It’s a place you relax in, where you can let your hair down and smell the sweet smell of success.  Best paint color?  Gold.

But not just any gold.  It’s the deeper colors that are best for making your home look luxurious.  The lighter ones won’t be able to compete with all of the other textured shapes and forms you’ll be putting in your home.  No, you’ll need deeper golds and silvers for this.  And don’t stop there!  Get bold with your colors by painting stripes on your walls.

Or just throw up some wallpaper in your favorite deep colors.  Or paint the baseboards and crown molding (baseboards and crown molding are two very important features of luxurious homes).  You know, all of that really complex stuff that most homeowners don’t have the time or money to deal with. It takes a real go-getter to pull off the “I’m not doing any decorating work at all” look, but if you can use your talent to make it look like you did, then more power to you!

Just make sure that your best paint color is dark.  It’s the only way to make your home look luxurious.

If you want to go outside of this classic luxury color scale but still have a little bit of luxe in your life try Benjamin Moore Deep Space.

This shade of blue feels like an evergreen forest in the Pacific Northwest.  With this color you can bring nature into your home without having to find a plant that doesn’t die.

To keep the mood dark but still luxurious try Benjamin Moore Deep Space with Charcoal cabinetry.

A dark ceiling with this paint color will help keep your room feeling like it’s in the deep woods.It doesn’t matter if you use all of these colors together or just one, what matters is that you feel luxurious.

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