Best Paint Colors For Small Rooms & Spaces

When decorating a small space, it is key to use the right paint colors, as they can make or break the look of your room. Some paint colors are more suitable for small rooms than others because of their ability to open up the room, allowing it to appear larger. This article provides helpful information about which colors are best used in small spaces.

1) White paint is one of the best paint colors for small rooms because, despite its brightening effect, it does not make the room appear smaller. It has an expansive effect on a space, both visually and physically. Using this color in decorations will help open up the room even more – because white reflects light very well, a room will feel more spacious and brighter.

2) Light green is a great paint color for small rooms, as it has a natural feel to it which allows the space to breathe while still being lively and energetic. A pastel version of this shade would be perfect for a child’s room or play area, while a slightly deeper green can add interest to an otherwise plain room.

3) Pale pink is also a great paint color for small rooms. It has the warm, inviting qualities of red without being too overwhelming, so it won’t make your small space appear smaller than it is. Pastel pink would be suitable in most cases, but you can use darker shades if they suit your decoration style.

4) Blue is also a great paint color for small rooms; it has the ability to make your room feel more open. Since blue reflects light very well, using this color in decorations will create more depth and interest. Use lighter shades of blue if you like a brighter environment, or opt for dark hues to give off an air of elegance.

5) Pale yellow is a fantastic paint color for small rooms, but you have to be very cautious with this one – too much yellow can make the room feel sickly or claustrophobic, so you should use it sparingly. This color will also make your small space appear larger, as well as brighter because it reflects natural light.


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