Best Paint Colors For Your Bathroom

A recent study found that the bathroom was one of the messiest rooms in most homes. So it’s not surprising that you want to make sure your bathrooms look clean and tidy, especially if you’re using them every day. Here are some tips on how best to do this by choosing paint colors for your bathrooms.

Contemporary Bathroom Paint Colors

If you like a contemporary interior style, then you will probably prefer modern-style bathroom paints . These are typically shades of gray, stone or white—all very neutral colors. This is a great option because such hues work well with many other styles (especially those with bright colors). You can also add color through towels, shower curtains and accessories such as soap dishes. If you’re keen on adding color, choose a small-scale pattern rather than using large blocks of bright paint.

Neutral Bathroom Paint Colors

If you prefer a neutral bathroom that doesn’t have any strong colors, then look out for muted shades of cream and white. These colors tend to work particularly well in bathrooms because they won’t fade as easily as brighter tones would. The other advantage is that these colors will go with almost any style; whether your home has a traditional, vintage or contemporary interior décor. If you’re looking to add some personal touches, consider painting an accent wall—in the same shade as the floor tiles or in another hue entirely. Some people also opt to paint one wall darker than the others to create contrast. You can also add color through accessories, towels and bath mats.

Modern Bathroom Paint Colors

If you want a bathroom that looks modern, opt for brighter tones such as white or gray with a splash of color. For example, you could feature red on the walls and floor tiles in your shower area. When painting other surfaces, choose white or very pale shades so that colors are more prominent. If you’re going to use light colors but don’t want them to look too washed out, try using glazed paint—this works well because it is slightly reflective so there will be more depth than with plain paints. Pale green or blue are particularly popular bathroom color choices because they reflect neutral hues; each shade offers different moods, from soothing to energizing, so it’s a good idea to buy samples and try them out before you decide.

Traditional Bathroom Paint Colors

If you prefer traditional interiors, then opt for muted shades of cream or white on your bathroom walls . Both these hues are ideal because they will work with most décor styles and complement bathrooms that have a classic look. You can also add color through accessories such as towels, soap dishes and candles; dark blues and greens are very popular in this context. If you don’t want your hues to look too washed out, use glazed paints. Try one of those mentioned above if you’d like more depth than plain paint provides. Another option is to paint an accent wall—the same color as your floor tiles or with another hue entirely.

If you’re having a new bathroom built, it’s worth taking time to consider the paint colors you will use. Bathroom paints are relatively inexpensive so it’s realistic to get samples and experiment with different hues before deciding which ones suit your style best .

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