Best Summer Accent Wall

Summer is a great time to add some colour to your living space with colourful accents. Here are some summer colours that you can use as inspiration when painting an accent wall in your home this summer.

1. Yellow: 

This happy and cheery colour is one of the easiest ways to shake up a room without spending too much money on materials. Choose bright fun shades like mustard yellow or sunshine yellow for a pop of colour in any room, and quickly create an image filled space for comfort and warmth. Adding furniture pieces such as cushions and vases in similar shades can also bring multiple colors together so you don’t have to worry about getting every shade perfect!

2. Orange

 Start out by choosing whether you want a burnt orange or a pumpkin orange colour. Bright and bold, oranges of all shades can add warmth to vases or bowls in your space. This is also another fun colour for cushions!

3. Green

There are many different variations for green that work really well as an accent wall. Dark forest greens look great with almost any other bright color so they’re perfect when paired with light pink or yellow accents. You could also use lime greens to add a tropical vibe to your space (especially if you have hardwood floors) by simply putting vases, coffee table books and art pieces on top of it!

4. Brown 

A darker brown shade makes a great alternative to black, especially because it’s easy to create and doesn’t need much maintenance. This earthy tone is also a great colour to warm up wood veneer floors like walnut or oak, and it’s easy in case you want to go back over it later on!

5. Red

A pop of bright red can create an intense atmosphere in any space. Consider using this colour for vases, side tables, art pieces or cushions to really make your home feel like summer! You could also use a matte muted red for an accent wall if the bright shade isn’t your thing.

6. Blue

The perfect way to add variety to your living space without spending too much money is by painting an accent wall with one of these colours. Cobalt blues are dark enough that they won’t show stains, and light enough to look great with any other colour in the summer. Turquoise is another fun tone to choose from, also perfect as vases or picture frames! If you want something a little less bright, navy blue is another great accent colour to choose.

7. Purple

When using purple as an accent colour in your home, it’s important to make sure everything else is in vivd shades of orange or yellow! Consider using vases and vignettes on top of the brown painted wall to create a balance between bold warm colours and softer cool tones.

8. White

If you rely on natural light for most of your lighting through out the day, it could be a good idea to use white paint so that sunlight can bounce off of it more easily throughout the day giving your room a brighter look overall. Also consider adding furniture pieces such as tables or ottomans with this colour to create vignettes and a relaxed atmosphere!

These are just some of the colours that you can use if you want to add an accent wall this summer. Use them as inspiration, or come up with your own unique look by mixing colours together! If you do choose to paint your own accent wall at home, remember that all it takes is one visit with us to have our team professionally paint it for you within a day or two. Visit our website for more information or contact us

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