Chic Color Inspiration For Your Holiday Decor

The time of year when we all get to show off our homes and fill them with friends, family members – even if they aren’t coming! The holidays are just around the corner which means now’s a great opportunity for you to start planning how best your home can accommodate such an event. Whether or not this is going be an annual tradition in your household might change things up quite substantially but one thing remains certain: there needs categories  efforts from Preparing ahead on getting everything set-up properly beforehand so guests know exactly where each person would prefer their space taken care.

Designing your home’s color theme is the first step in decorating for holidays. For each room, take a look at which wall colors will be used and choose complementary tones that really let those walls shine through. Do you have an accent wall or feature area of interest? Would prefer more sophisticated style- do not fret! We’ve put together some ideas on how to highlight these focal points with different decorations so they’re front and center this season without being too overwhelming on everything else around them.



For a red accent wall, it’s not hard to create the perfect design. For those looking for an extra pop of color or something more opulent in nature, go with traditional gold and green tones that will give off their own unique vibe when paired alongside other different shades from these colors like tan and orange; you can also mix up your designs by using multiple hues including light pink as well!


In a blue room, the sky is your limit. From adding silver and gold to creating an elegant setting that’s perfect for entertaining or using white elements in order to give off simple sophistication with just enough sparkle – you can go wherever your imagination takes you! For contemporary inspiration though, try mixing bright green pops into one of these spaces too; they’re sure not traditional but it adds some freshness we didn’t know was possible before now.


A bright or pastel yellow wall is the perfect place to start when looking for cozy and inviting atmosphere. Add oranges, browns, turquoise- lots of color! If you want something more bold try out an array of different shades in reds orangey tones like flame retardant cloth colors that will make your space feel festive yet still warm
A trove awaits on this site full vibrant hues – paint chips are available as well so shoppers can get inspiration from all over before committing themselves.

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