Colors That Compliment Yellow

No matter if you want to use yellow as an accent or splurge on a full color change, there are many options for how to incorporate this sunny hue into your home. Let’s take a look at some ideas about where and how to best include them in your living space!



For exteriors, yellow works best on traditional-style homes. While it can also work with modern styles if used in moderation, the color is usually more appropriate for houses without too many contrasting features like brick or stone siding and metal trimming.


A very light, creamy yellow looks great on Tuscan-style homes when paired with a terracotta roof. Consider soft white, burnt orange or antique red as accent colors for an exterior look that is rustic and chic.

If you live in a home with simple lines and minimalist details, soft yellow works perfectly when paired with crisp white accents. With this style of house, it’s best to keep everything minimal so the main color is still the center of attention.

For interior spaces, you have a wide range of yellows to work with. For bedrooms and bathrooms choose softer more pastel yellow shades for the best effect as they create soothing relaxing environment.

Using light colors like purple, lavender, blue or gray work well with yellow paint to create a tranquil space. Accent pieces can be in these same lighter shades of color or another tone from the palette as long as it is not too bold.


If you are going to use bright yellow on your home’s exterior, make sure it matches the design. For Victorian style homes with ornate details, choose a bold color like mustard or lemon for contrast against white trim. If you want more contrast and depth – pick blue or brown as dark trims instead of pure black.

Bright yellows like banana, lemon and golden yellow can be great for kitchen or living room decoration as they don’t overpower the space. Try using them on accent walls to make a bold statement without overwhelming guests with too much color!

Bright yellow and navy blue, black or gray creates a very cool contrast in the same way that sleek modernity does.

For a more traditional look, try pairing bright yellow with gray or white. You can also add in cool accents of red or blue to create a pop of color that really stands out.

Here’s a fun way to add interest and depth with color: try using shades that are right next to each other on the color wheel. Use different textures, too!

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