Colors To Brighten Up Your Bedroom

When you’re decorating a room, one of the most important things to think about is what colors you want to use. Your bedroom should be a place that you feel comfortable and relaxed in, and for some people that may mean using soothing blues or relaxing greens to create such an environment. However if your bedroom feels a little dull or grey but you don’t necessarily want to go with calming shades, then why not choose bright colors instead? Bright color schemes are becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms these days because they have been proven to make people feel more awake and energized.

A lot of people worry that light colored furniture won’t suit their dark wood floor but there are lots of modern pieces around today which can easily be matched with lighter tones. White might be the most common color to use for your bedroom, but there are many other options available.

If you decide to go down this route then it’s important to keep a few things in mind when choosing your colors. Before you start painting make sure that you look at some color charts, which will help you find shades that work well together and which should also look good against whatever wall colors or decorations you already have in place. Although bright colors are great for giving bedrooms an airy feel they can also be associated with being childish so don’t choose something overly neon colored if this isn’t the effect that you’re looking for.

Here are a few colors you may want to consider using to brighten up your bedroom:

Yellow – Although often used as a color for children’s bedrooms, yellow is actually a very welcoming color to use in any room. It creates a feeling of warmth and sunlight, which are ideal if you want to relax or have an afternoon nap. Yellow can work well with a lot of different shades and it also works brilliantly when combined with white or soft grey tones.

Orange – Orange is another commonly used childlike color but it can be used in many ways around the home. When using orange in your bedroom keep things simple by just choosing one shade that matches the rest of your furniture or bedding set and then adding splashes of other colors around the room to create interest and depth. Just make sure that you choose brighter shades rather than ones that are too bright or dull.

Blue – It’s true to say that purple is the most popular color to use in children’s bedrooms but blue has also been used for many years. Blue creates a sense of calm, which is ideal if you want somewhere quiet and relaxing in your home. The cool shade of royal blue has traditionally been used but it can look great when combined with other colors and shades as well. Although blue is often thought of as being cold it doesn’t have to be this way so make sure that you choose something bright and light instead.

Purple – If you’ve always wanted a bedroom filled with lilac tones then now is the time to put your money where your mouth is! One of the best things about purple is that it can look very different depending on the shade you choose. Light lilac and lavender shades are ideal for bedrooms while more of a rich plum color will work well in living rooms or dining areas.

Green – It’s not as common to see green used in bedrooms but some people love this color. Green creates an airy, leafy feel which is why it’s often associated with nature and outdoors. However there are lots of brighter, lighter tones such as grass green and mint that you can use instead if you want bright colors without straying too far from home comforts.

Pink – There are many shades of pink available so pick one that matches your style and personality best. Bright fuchsia pink will suit those who want to have an elegant or traditional bedroom while a softer shade of pink will look good in rooms that are designed in a more contemporary style. Regardless of the shades you choose, pink can be used as an accent color rather than the main feature and this makes it ideal for adding details without making things overbearing.


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