Common Challenges of Painting Bathrooms

Ethereal Painters specializes in bathroom painting, so if you aren’t up to the task of tackling your bathrooms yourself, call us and we’ll handle it for you. There are many challenges that come with this specific type of painting as there is a lot involved given all the surfaces in such a small room. We’ve got tons of experience helping homeowners paint their bathrooms and have learned everything about what can go wrong during this process – from not using enough primer or surface prep before applying new coats; running out halfway through repainting which causes drips on wet paint; having too much water pressure when rolling because they try to avoid brush marks but end up creating drip lines instead…the list goes on! When hiring professionals who know exactly how to get these.

Painting a Bathroom: Challenges and Considerations

Bathrooms pose many painting challenges, which may not be evident at first glance. These include:


Painting a bathroom can be tricky. It’s important to protect vulnerable surfaces like countertops, tubs, showers, toilets and floors with masking tape prior to starting the job in order prevent messy splatters from damaging these areas of your home. In some cases it may take more time to properly mask all exposed areas than it does for you paint an entire room!

Latent Moisture and Humidity

Painting a bathroom is not easy. In fact, it’s one of the most challenging rooms to paint because humidity levels are extremely high compared to other parts of your home and showering can release some moisture that may lead to flashing if you don’t apply properly in between coats! Paint for bathrooms must be especially durable against water exposure but also applied by professionals who know what they’re doing so avoid trying this at home like me..

Bathrooms have extremely high humidity and moisture content compared with your living room or bedroom which makes painting them tough. If there has been recent use before painting then applying paint could cause latent moisture leading into flashing issues as well as extended periods between coats due to the lack.


A common challenge that is often overlooked when painting bathrooms is the fact that most walls will need to be degreased before painting. This happens because hair products, deodorants, and air fresheners can stick onto walls after showers or baths. Once this layer of product attaches itself to a wall it creates an uneven stroke which leads to flaws in paint jobs! So every area around shower stalls, behind toilets and along sink counters should have its surface properly cleaned with special cleaners (or even soap & water) before applying any sort of primer/paint on it.

Inadequate Bathroom Fans

If your bathroom has an old or low-power fan, it may not be able to effectively remove the moisture in the air. In cases like this, showering and painting should never happen simultaneously because each coat of paint will need a significant amount of time before drying completely for maximum coverage.

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