Converting Your Attic To A Loft Or Bedroom

Ready to transform your attic into a liveable space? Changing an attic from storage area to bedroom or loft is a great way extend the home without making huge changes. When you look at what’s in front of you, it’ll feel like its always belonged there and will fit right in with rest of house.


A structural engineer would help determine if the room is structurally sound and able to support a bedroom. They will be aware of any codes that need to be followed, such as building code or local regulations for converting certain rooms like this one into bedrooms.


If your space has brick, leave it exposed and add black accents to emphasize the natural tones in the brick. To keep that industrial vibe going, consider painting your brick in a neutral tone like crisp white or soft shade of gray along with adding furniture elements like shelving and tables featuring wood & metal for streamlined modern look!


To achieve a barn style look, try the white-wash technique. This allows you to have an all-white finish with natural elements coming through for artistic flair and texture. Accessorize the space with decor that has country or handcrafted features while maintaining elegance so it’s polished but not too formal .


Bungalow loft design comes with its own challenges. The sloping ceilings are not the only thing you have to worry about, but where your furniture will be placed is something that can’t go overlooked! Consider all of this before renovations start so that built-in features give every inch a purpose.

When selecting a color to paint the room, consider where you want it painted and carefully examine how light hits that area. The slanted ceilings may make the space feel smaller than what is actually there; therefore, warmer or cooler pastels can be used as they reflect light in appropriate ways depending on their temperature which might help give this impression.

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