Cool Weather Curb Appeal

The kids head back to school, the leaves begin to turn and days get shorter. Fall is right around the corner with its familiar procession of football parties, autumn gatherings, and holiday entertaining! It’s time for you to finalize your last-minute curb appeal tweaks before winter comes knocking on doors this month. The season gives homes a different look which we’ve put together some tips that will improve the house’s off-season appearance.

Following the foliage

If you want a bold, vibrant color for your front door, consider how it will look during nighttime hours. The leaves on trees and colorful flower beds can obscure what is visible from afar in the summer when checking curb appeal of house as well those who may visit at other times such as fall or wintertime – when there are no leaves to obstruct view!
Maintaining good structural integrity while giving paint job extra attention this season.

This winter, make sure your porch is in good condition and the paint still feels smooth to the touch. Garage doors are another hard-working area of the exterior that can be power washed for a fresher look this season!

Shorter days mean nighttime visits

As the sun begins setting earlier in the evening, it becomes more likely that your house parties will start at dusk. That means after-dark curb appeal – not to mention the ease of finding and navigating through the front walk – becomes important during winter months.

Step outside at night to see how your home is lit up. Is there ample lighting around the front door and near walkways, or do you need brighter lights? If not wired yard lighting might be an option for those who want a more hands-off approach without having anything connected right away; a solar-powered LED spotlight can make dark pathways visible with just one touch!


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