Different Sheens of Interior Paint

Interior paint comes in a variety of different sheens, each with their own unique qualities. Though these differences may seem minor or insignificant at first glance, they can have an impact on the overall look and feel of your room. It’s important to understand the unique characteristics of various paints because it will help you choose which one is best suited for what you want out if your project. However, knowing where to start when it comes to home improvement projects like this can be difficult!At Custom Painting, we provide complete interior painting services for all types of homes. Our team of expert Vancouver painters will perform a thorough assessment and recommend suitable paint sheens as well as other important elements to make the project easier and more successful.

Interior Paint Sheens and Common Uses

With the help of Ethereal Painters, choosing between sheens can be a simple and stress-free experience. There are several types of paint sheen that you may want to consider for different areas in your home:
Matte: Matte is good if you don’t care about higher resistance to stains or dirt build-up on walls – it’s also best used in bathrooms where there will likely be water splashes. This type has no shine so it doesn’t reflect light making rooms with matte paints appear more dimly lit than other options such as eggshells which have some reflective properties but not too much brightness like high gloss finishes do. The eggshell finish looks great when applied over smooth surfaces because they create an even surface allowing less room


If you are looking for paint that is easy to clean, a flat sheen may be the way to go. Flat paints have a matte finish and don’t reflect light at all – which can make it harder for imperfections on surfaces (such as dirt) to stand out or cause damage from being too visible. However, if there isn’t much activity in your home/office space then this type of paint could work quite well!


If you want a smooth finish that is not completely shine free, then matte sheen might be the right paint for your home. Matte paints provide excellent depth of colour and are easy to clean which makes them suitable for high-traffic areas in the house including walls, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. They have an attractive texture after proper application so they would make great choices if used on cabinets or furniture as well!


Eggshell paint is a great choice for high-traffic areas like dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms because it shines just enough to make the room look clean but not too much that you’re blinded by reflections.


Satin paint is a medium-gloss option that grants depth to trim while remaining easy to clean. It’s also great for high traffic walls, doors, and cabinets but it can show flaws such as lap marks more easily than flat or low-sheen options.


Semi-gloss paint is luminous and reflective, making it a great choice for highlighting details within your home such as trim and kitchen cabinets. It’s easy to clean, but also difficult to apply without flaws.


At Vancouver Painters, we understand how important it is to provide a smooth and even finish. That’s why our team of experts will reach out at the first sign that you’re looking for painted services in Vancouver or surrounding areas. We’ll work with your schedule to ensure an efficient application process so that you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any gritty texture when dry!
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