Does New Paint Increase Home Value?

Is painting your house a good way to increase home value? New paint can help make any property shine and increase its overall resale price. If you’re looking for professional painters who know how to deliver quality work, Vancouver painters  is the name that homeowners trust! Our team provides interior or exterior painting services in order to maximize the return on investment of all properties we service.

Increasing Home Value for Resale

The exterior paint of homes on the market is often underwhelming. A quick coat can improve a potential buyer’s first impression, as well as its overall curb appeal. This also applies to interior walls that are damaged in key areas like entrance halls and kitchens; it will add value for resale purposes by painting scuffed baseboards throughout your house, kitchen cabinets, and even repainting front doors!

Increasing Home Value for Maintenance & Longevity

Staying in the same house can make it look worn and dirty. How do you fix this problem? Using new paint to maintain your home for a long time is one of many options. If you are planning on living here for years, staying on top of maintaining or repainting areas that show wear and tear both inside and outside will help increase your house’s lifespan as well as keep it looking fresh…

Painting Services from Ethereal Painters

If you want to increase your home’s value, hire a professional painter. Hiring someone will ensure that all of the proper steps for painting are taken and that the final result is everything you hoped it would be.

You can learn more about how new paint increases home value, or you can contact Ethereal Painters for our interior painting services and exterior painting services.Contact 604-505-2745 or  fill out our estimate form.