Does Painting a Historic Interior Require Special Treatment?

If you own a historic home in the Vancouver area and are thinking about doing some updates, it is important to find out if painting an interior requires special treatment. At Ethereal Painters, we know that interiors should only ever be painted by professionals who understand how to refresh without damaging character. That’s why offer range of services for homes with heritage detailing like wood panelling or crown moulding so make your space look fresh while respecting its history.

Preparation for Painting a Historic Interior

Before applying paint to the interior of a historic house, you should properly prepare those areas that will receive it. This might include sanding down and repairing parts such as window frames or peeling layers from doors before painting them because heavy coats could cause damage which may lead to water leakage in the future.

Cleaning Surfaces

Old homes often have oil paint on trim and walls that can attract grease and grime. A professional painter will use a chemical degreaser to clean all previously painted woodwork, then sand it down so the new paint sticks better. If old paints make surfaces appear shiny, they also scuff them in order for the new color to adhere well.

Repairing Walls & Plaster

A professional company will ensure that the walls and plaster in your home are repaired using proper techniques. These professionals know how to work with historic homes, because they’ll know that lathe and plaster walls need a slightly different treatment compared to drywall which uses similar methods.

Repairing Doors & Trim

To make the home look more put together, a professional will fill in any gaps and cracks with caulk. If there are areas of damage on doors or trim pieces, they will be patched up using Bondo for larger sections and Dynapatch for smaller ones. For major portions that are completely missing from the door or trim piece, carpenters may have to source new matching parts or recreate them entirely before installation can take place.

Painting a Historic Interior

After repairing and cleaning, the interior of a historic home may need to be painted with high-quality paints like Benjamin Moore Advance for trim or Ethereal Painters for walls. These products are applied by professional painters after they’ve finished these types of jobs before: contact Ethereal Painters at 604-788-3382  or fill out our estimate form form on the website for assistance.