Exterior House Painting

Chances are that if you own a home, then at some point in the future you will want to paint your house. Paint can be expensive, but knowing how to apply it yourself means that you can save money and have the added satisfaction of improving something. It also allows you to get exactly the color and finish that you want for your house, which gives you the chance to create a unique atmosphere inside your home.

House painting can be intimidating if done improperly, but it is an easy process if you follow these simple steps. After you have completed all of them, then wait for the paint to dry and admire your work! Painting an exterior house properly does not take very long when you know how, and it is an excellent way to refresh and revitalize the appearance on your house.

You will need:

A ladder  and a tall safety railing for it (if necessary)

Paint brushes, rollers, and pans

Painter’s tape or masking tape if you want to mask off the windows

A paint tray or pan


Newspaper to cover up surfaces you do not want painted

Also, make sure that your house is properly prepared before starting. Get rid of any cobwebs, clean the gutters, check for cracks in the foundation and repair them if necessary, and check to make sure that the doors and windows are properly sealed.

Start by washing the house with a garden hose or by using a foam sprayer. This is to get rid of any dirt, dust, or grime on the exterior of your house so that it doesn’t end up in your paint later. Next, clean all of the windows and doors with a paint thinner or mineral spirits. Then, use a tack cloth to remove any remaining dirt or dust from the house.

When that is finished, it is best to start working on one side of the house so you don’t have to keep moving your ladder around. If needed, assemble your ladder and safety railing (if you are using one) so that they are ready to go on the side of the house you will start painting. If you have a second person available, they can hold the ladder while you climb up it to reach higher parts of your house.

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