Five Tips For Choosing The Right Gray For Your Home!

The article below it includes some useful information about the types of gray paint colors available, and how to use these grays in different spaces around your home.

When it comes to painting colors, gray is one of the most popular choices among homeowners. Whether you want a gray that looks like a stormy sky, a slate sidewalk, or even the feathers of a dove, there is a hue that will match your preference. Gray is such an easy color to work with and can create both cool and warm looks depending on how it’s paired with other colors in the room.

1. Know your grays.

The color of your favorite sweater or the way an object can be both bright and dark at once is called a gray tone. It’s basically just a mix between colors, but some people have different feelings about them than others!

2. Let your color scheme determine the best shade.

The best way to find your perfect gray is by looking at the other items in a room. For instance, furniture can often be replaced without changing too much else and flooring will always stay put!

3. Don’t forget contrast.

Opting for a neutral paint scheme means that it’s the contrast between lighter and darker shades that makes a room interesting. Consider pairing dark walls with white trim, or flipping it for very light walls with almost black window trim.

4. Picking charcoal? Add a little blue.

It’s often difficult to find the perfect color for charcoal, but when you add in a little blue and get an icy-looking dark gray with hints of green or brown on its own!

5. Overwhelmed? Call in the pros.

If you need help picking the right gray for your house, we’re here to assist. Ethereal Painters can help you, just contact us for your free estimate at  604-788-3382 or fill out our estimate form on our website.