Garage Painting

About Garage Painting

Garage painting is a task that can be completed by either the home owner or professional. Deciding whether to do it yourself, or hire someone else to complete the job, will depend on many factors. It is important to learn about how different types of paint behave in order to choose which type of paint would be best suited for your garage floor. Different paints react differently according to what type of surface they are applied onto and what level of traffic the surface gets.

The most common option chosen when painting the garage floor is an epoxy paint. Epoxy is very durable material which can protect even the heaviest industrial machinery from corrosion and wear-and-tear damage. These types of paints come in both high gloss and matte finishes. The epoxy paint is applied in two layers.

The second most common type of garage floor paint is a high-build primer, which is used for light industrial purposes, such as parking garages and warehouses. This type of paint comes in colours ranging from white to black with the choice being dependent on what colour your floor currently is or you want it to be after painting. These primers are self-cross linking polyelectrolytes that form into an insoluble film.

When it comes time to determining whether you will choose to do the job yourself or hire someone else, consider how much time you have available for this task. Consider also your current skill level; if there are tools (such as a sprayer) that you would not already own, or if the job requires a different type of preparation than what you were thinking of (such as removing and storing your car for the weekend), hiring someone to complete the task may be your best option.

When painting on any surface, it is important to clean it before proceeding. This will remove dirt and debris from the floor while also helping the paint adhere better to the surface than if there was still old grime on it. Removing oil stains can also prove challenging; however, using degreaser cleaners such as TSP will help get rid of them quickly and more effectively than other methods. When done cleaning with these types of cleaners, remember to rinse away all residue so that none of it remains on the floor.

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