How Long Does Interior Paint Last?

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Factors that Affect the Paint’s Lifespan

Interiors paint is susceptible to damage, but there are some factors that could affect the lifespan of interior paints. Some factors include furniture and pet damages as well as kids or other physical hazards.

Even though interiors do not have weather conditions like exterior does on houses outside, it still has a chance for being damaged by things such as pets, children’s toys and more damaging effects from household objects can cause less lifespan in your painting process.

1. Paint Quality

When it comes to selecting the type of paint that will be used throughout your home, higher quality paints like Benjamin Moore’s Trim Paint Line Advance are able to withstand more physical contact than lower quality paints. Consider using these products for handrails and other areas where you touch on a daily basis.

2. Amount of Traffic the Room Receives

The rooms in the house that receive a lot of wear and tear, such as those with high traffic volume, tend to have low lifespan for interior paint. This is because these areas are most likely not taken care of properly or may just need re-painting more often than other parts due to regular human activity. The less used spaces like attics can last much longer before requiring repainting depending on how well they were prepared prior painting and their specific location within the home:

How to Preserve Leftover Paint

If you’ve recently painted your home, chances are there’s leftover paint in a container. To save it for future touch ups, make sure to place the can above 0° and seal it properly so that air cannot get inside. The average person should be able to use their leftovers around two years after painting; however if you’re looking at using them more than just as touch-ups then buying new ones will likely be cheaper over time!

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