How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

How much does it actually cost to paint your house?

While we firmly agree with the proverb “it’s on the inside that counts,” it doesn’t hurt to have a nicely painted house – exterior included!

How much does it cost to paint the outside of a house? It costs anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. If you choose the right supplies and hire a good contractor, you will save money. Painting will make your house look great for many years instead of having an ugly color.

I’m going to offer you some tips that may be helpful before we get into the actual costs. First of all, when painting make sure you hire a professional painter. You’ll know he/she is a professional if they have liability insurance and their company is properly bonded and licensed with a local Better Business Bureau. Secondly, before hiring anyone make sure references are available; many homeowners will have these for both the business owner as well as past clients they’ve worked for. Check out these references and speak with them personally about their experiences with this particular business owner and what kind of job was done . I also like to go online to see if there’s any reviews which can be helpful that way too. I’ve found the best quality job is when both interior and exterior needs to be painted. This will usually cost a good deal more, but if you want the job done right then it’s worth it. Also, ask about how long other jobs of this size have taken them to complete , because time is money!

Also remember that home accessories can make a big difference in pricing . For example, professional painters will usually add things like trim work around windows and doors or baseboard moldings for an additional charge , so be sure to factor those into your final assessment as well . Once you have all of this information at hand , you can now ask for quotes from different painters. The same amount of work might cost less from one painting company than from others . For example, there could be a difference in price in the materials or tools necessary for the job which range from $500 to $1,000. Or sometimes you might find that another painter has done jobs where all of these things that I mention here have been taken into consideration already, so it’s much less expensive to complete your project with them. Finally, be sure to check in advance if there is any type of discount available for senior citizens or for veterans if you happen to be one of them. These can sometimes save you some money as well.

Getting Started

It’s important to be mindful of what you’re about to do. Be aware that there are a few factors when it comes to house painting that should be considered beforehand:

Do you want to make changes to your home that will help it sell? Do you want to paint your house so it looks better? Think about what you want and then look on the internet for more information.

DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor

There are many different variables that come into play when taking on the task of painting your house, depending on your skill level and how much work you’re willing to do. Painting an exterior surface is best left to the professionals unless you have experience with a ladder and roller. Hiring a pro saves money in two ways: they better cover the house for protection and they tend to do a better job in the end.

The Cost of Paint vs. The Cost of Time

If you’re using paint for a new look, picking out what color(s) to choose can be more fun than trying to figure out which brand is going to provide the best coverage at an affordable price . The average cost of paint is about $30-$35 a gallon for good quality, long lasting coverage, but what’s the store price? That can vary from home improvement center to home improvement center. By all means, do your own research and find out which paint offers the best savings so you can get the most bang for your buck .

Many painters offer free color consultations with their services; it may be worthwhile to take advantage of this if you’re not sure what you want.

Reviews can prove helpful in finding a reliable contractor or someone that does good work as well . Try searching online for reviews on painters within your city or local area. You never know how many other people have had similar experiences when dealing with these individuals.


How much will it cost to paint your house in Vancouver? It depends on which kind of material you built the walls with. (FYI- straw, sticks and brick are hard to paint.) There will be differences in price between concrete walls, metal siding, stucco, vinyl siding and wood siding.


Paint is like vacation time. You do not want to skimp on the quality or the quantity. If you use high-quality paint, then it will last longer and look better. When calculating how much paint to buy, you need to add 10%-20% more than your total square footage.

Supplies & Prep Work

Renewed homes are typically the end-all, be-all of great curb appeal. It’s a big job that requires more time and materials than most homeowners think they need. And don’t forget about all of the prep work before starting—cleaning, patching holes, scraping peeling paint—and then finally finishing up with painting (primer first!), rollers, ladders, brushes, and painter’s tape to help you get everything done in style.


Fall is a good time to paint your home: the cooler weather means that it will dry faster. It also takes one-two weeks from start to finish per job—so just have someone come out or hire a painter for an easy job. If you do it yourself, plan on four to six weeks for the paint to completely dry—allowing for at least three days of rain in between coats.

If you always want to look your best, why not let that reflect in every room of your home? With the help of a professional painting service like Ethereal Painters, all you need to do is pick the color. Give us a call at 604-505-2745 or fill out our free estimate form today.