How Often Should You Stain Cedar Siding?

Is your cedar siding looking dull and weathered? Are you considering having it stained to brighten up the exterior of your home? Cedar is a beautiful wood that looks gorgeous when properly maintained. If so, Ethereal Painters offers several different types of staining services for all kinds of wooden elements around homes in Apex and Cary!

Inspecting & Maintaining Stain

To make sure that the wood stain lasts long, a professional will first inspect it to see if they need to apply another coat of stains. If there’s just one layer and no clear coats needed, expect them to reapply again in about two years but with multiple layers or paint might only be every five years. Clear coats are more resistant than staining because mildew can easily break down stains while paints don’t have this problem as much since its harder for mildew spores on painted areas; however, both provide an excellent barrier against water damage so you shouldn’t worry too much!

How to Know When to Restain Cedar Siding

If your cedar siding looks dull, damaged or warped and the paint is gone from parts of the wood then you need to restain it. Some common signs that will tell you when this needs to happen are:
-Water being absorbed into wood instead of beading on surface;
-Wood warping, rotting or damage occurring; and finally if there’s a break down in protection due to some stains disappearing which indicates damage over time

Preparing Siding to be Restained

If the current coat of stain on your home’s cedar siding is still in good shape, it will be lightly sanded and a new coat of the same product that was used last time applied. If there has been damage to the paint or if you want an even distribution for any reason, such as applying two coats at once instead of one by itself over another coating (which may peel up), then stripping off all previous layers before restaining would likely occur since they are not going to distribute evenly otherwise.

How to Choose the Right Stain

Sansin is a trusted name in the industry. It’s important to make sure that you’re using quality products like Sansin as they are recommended by professionals who care about your paint job and will ensure there won’t be any issues with future coats even if it means stripping down the old ones first. Foundation, stain coat, optional two clear coats for ultimate protection: this process ensures professional-grade results even through years of wear and tear on surfaces from pets or children!

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