How to Estimate Interior Painting


Estimating the cost of interior painting can give you a better sense of all factors that factor into an accurate estimate. At Ethereal Painters , we provide fair and reasonable prices by using these steps:
From this information it is easy to see why hiring us for your next project will save both time and money.

1. Perform a Site Visit

Before providing an estimate for painting the walls of a home, but professional painter will meet with you in person to go over which surfaces they’re covering and highlight any potential colour changes. They’ll also provide details on how best access is handled including if there are items that need moving out from underfoot or extra preparation needed like masking certain areas off. The plan itself goes into more detail about what areas will be masked and covered as well as where items may have to moved so it can be done safely during work hours when painters aren’t around yet not before hand either because doing this would risk damage caused by things being shoved back too quickly after having been shifted once already.

2. Estimate the Cost of Materials

A professional painter will take notes about how many gallons of paint, as well as other materials—sandpaper, masking tape, plastic etc.—are needed to complete the job.

3. Estimate the Cost of Labour

Most companies use a billable hourly rate that covers all variable costs, gross profit percentage, and net profit wrapped into each company’s unique billable hourly rate.
The overall cost of labour for an interior painting job is based on how many hours the project is expected to take. Most companies use a billable hourly rate that wraps in additional components like:  variable costs of employees, their specific gross & net profits percentages plus incorporating those figures with the bills associated average time it takes workers to complete projects at your desired capacity level.

If you would like to learn more about how to estimate interior painting, or if you are interested in our interior painting services, please contact Ethereal Paintersat 604-788-3382 or fill out our estimate form .