How to Live in a House While it’s Being Painted

Is it Possible to Live in a House While it’s Being Painted?

Yes. But what are some things to watch out for? Keep reading to find out!


Talk about any plans you have for the painting before they start work. For example, if you plan on having friends and family over during the time of painting, then let them know when you want that done so that they can schedule their work around your event. Smells: Painting produces volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These materials help paint dry faster and also provide a nice smell but can cause many health problems. Make sure that all windows are closed and the heating or air conditioning is turned off when people aren’t in the area being painted. Keeping things tidy: The process of painting will leave many messes: dropped paint, spilled paint, dust and dirt. Make sure that you move the furniture out of the way to avoid getting paint on it. Also make sure that any household plants are somewhere safe so they don’t get covered in leftover paint.

Keep a positive outlook as painting is part of house maintenance that’s needed every couple of years, or more if your home has bad air circulation where allergens and pollutants can build up inside walls and furniture. Taking proper precautions while being painted will help you stay healthy and safe while living in your home.

Yes, there will be Smells.

Although some love the scent of fresh paint, it is not for everyone. If you are in this camp, you could request use of zero-VOC paints, as these do not have the chemicals that evaporate in your house but are just as good as regular paint. There is also the option to use natural vinegar and lemon as a paint stripper. This will leave behind an odor once it cures, but it is something that can be remedied with air circulation.

Keeping Things Tidy

Painting is a multi-day process. If you can keep everything tidy, it will help the painters do their work more effectively and make it easier for you to maintain your sanity. Here are some tips to help:

  • Create a space where the painters can put their tools and materials. You won’t be able to clean up as things get used if there is not enough room, making it harder for them to paint well.
  • If you can remove large items, that is best. If painters are trying to work around couches and armoires, it is not as efficient or tidy.
  • Remove all the things that might break or are very important.
  • Pets and paint are a bad combination. That means you need to keep any pets away from the area where we are painting or trying to put up wallpaper.
When Does it Make Sense to Leave Home During Painting?

If the smell of paint is going to bother you, try leaving during the worst part: when everything is wet and most fumes are being released. Otherwise, it should be fine for most people to stay home during painting.

The biggest risk when living in a house while it’s being painted comes from falling due to slippery surfaces or tripping on dropped tools or other items. Again, just keep an eye out for what needs doing and make sure that your home stays tidy so they can get their work done well with little interference on your part!

If you just want your home to look nice, consider hiring a professional painter to do the work for you. Find a local painter today on our site!

When Does it Make Sense to Stay Home During Painting?

There are certain types of projects where it can make sense to be home….

Exterior Paint Projects

We will not be in your way. We don’t need anyone to help us paint the doors. We just need to be able to open them so we can paint the inside edge of them too.

Partial Home Repaints

If you’re only painting 20% of your home, it probably makes sense to stay put.


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