How To Paint A Feature Wall

Feature walls have become extremely popular in recent years, with interior designers having more creative control than ever before. This article doesn’t claim to be the cure for cancer, but it should provide you with a good idea on how to get started.

The key element to maintaining a contemporary look is consistency. If you are adding feature walls, I would recommend you incorporate it throughout the entire home. If budget is an issue, then contract out for one room or living space which will give you a consistent look throughout the home.

Here are some basic steps to get started…

– Update all your lighting fixtures e.g. removing old light switch plates and replacing with new ones in a matching design

– Update all your electrical sockets e.g. removing old and installing new in a complementary pattern

– Update all your door handles/fittings e.g. replacing them with new, modern ones that match the interior decor

Once you have updated these features, I would recommend that you style out the wall space with matching wall paper. You can use this opportunity to create contrast or continuity by accentuating the feature wall in a complementary way, i.e. using the same colour(s) but different designs/patterns.

– If you are painting, I would recommend you go for an off white colour e.g. magnolia or parchment (if you’re a daring soul). Basically a neutral colour that provides the perfect backdrop for other design elements.

– If you are papering, I would recommend going to your nearest Paper Hut retail store and speak to one of our staff about which wallpapers will work well with what interior decor colours. Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with expert advice on the latest trends and products that will give your home a modern, contemporary look.

– Make sure you apply double sided tape (or low tack masking tape) to the wall before papering. This helps ensure that your paper is straight and eliminates any unwanted bubbles or creases.

– If your feature wall is adjacent to another, make sure you line them up perfectly. Once the wallpaper adhesive has dried (it takes around 24 hours for maximum adhesion), use a sharp blade to cut out the paper where it meets with the next one. Using this method will ensure that no two patterns are overlapping and that your home looks seamlessly decorated.

If you are painting make sure that you’re hiring the best possible painters, contact Ethereal Painters  at  604-788-3382 or fill out our estimate form on our website.