How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

A full kitchen renovation can be expensive and take a long time to complete, but in most spaces it’s relatively easy to make updates. However, updating the kitchen is more work than usual because of its scale and space requirements.

Updating the look of your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to break down and buy new cabinets. A coat of paint can make even the most dated cabinet seem brand-new! Just imagine, with one simple step like this, how much better an already great space will feel. Follow these 5 steps

1.Wash the cabinets with soap and water to remove any dirt or grease from their surfaces. Scrub them with a wax remover if they have been stained by oil or wax. Then wipe away all soap residue and dry with a clean rag.

2.Make sure the cabinets are completely dry before painting them.

3.Sand the cabinets lightly using fine sandpaper, making sure to get rid of any splinters or rough spots. Wipe away the dust created by sanding with a clean rag before painting. You may want to remove all handles and hardware so they stay paint-free while you are working on the cabinets.

4.To paint the cabinets, use a paint sprayer or roller with an extension pole to go beyond your reach. You may need extra hands for this step, so ask someone for help if you are not good at painting yourself. Make sure to cover everything nearby with drop cloths and paper before starting the job. Use a primer on raw wood to seal pores and help the paint to adhere well.

5.After applying a top coat, allow at least 24 hours for drying before replacing hardware or using the cabinets again.

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