How To Pick A Living Room Paint Color

Choosing a paint color for the living room can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. First of all, you must decide on which type of living room you want :

How do you intend to use your living room? 

Will it be mostly used for relaxing and entertaining guests? If this is the case , then chances are that your focus will be on creating a cozy fire place experience. You should aim for warm colors such as warm reds and oranges which make people feel comfortable . Another option is to go for lighter tones such as yellows , whites or light greens which give off an airy feeling. These types of paint colors will stimulate conversation while giving off enough space making your guests feel comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings. A third option is to decide on a theme and stick with it through the decor in the room , thus giving an overall unified feel .

This is typically best for small spaces , because it allows you to really have complete control of your living room’s look. If you want to go this route, wait until we get into color theory before deciding on a theme so that you can pick colors that complement each other well, and appear as one cohesive unit rather than just random pieces stuck together.

If your main focus will be using the living room for watching TV or doing homework then you will need darker colors else glare may occur from the computer screen etc… But if your main purpose is relaxation or entertaining guests then darker colors could create a somber feel and would not be ideal unless they are used with warm inviting tones like reds or oranges.

This is a good option for darker living rooms , especially if you have the space to accommodate it . This tends to give a more elegant look than lighter colors do, but without going too overboard on elegance. [simple_tooltip content=’Remember that there is no one size fits all when it comes to picking a paint color for your house. For example : light green walls in the bedroom can really make your skin tone look radiant while white might just wash you out.’

Is this your first time picking paint colors?

If this is your first time in picking paint colors, we recommend choosing a single color and staying away from complex combinations

We would also advise against going for reds or oranges unless you are certain that they will work well in the room . It’s important to keep considerations like texture , sheen , richness , brightness and undertone in mind when picking out living room paints . Also , warm colored walls look better with warmer tones on the furniture, while cool colors look best with grey / white furnishings (or wood veneers) . This tends to make rooms feel warmer than they actually are, so if you want a more neutral feel to the room then stick to beige or light grey for your furniture .

Individual colors tend to work better than complex color combinations when choosing the paint scheme for a living room , so all these factors must be taken into consideration when picking out paints .

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