How to Refinish Wood Siding, Doors & Windows

Vancouver painters  offers staining services for doors, windows, and siding. This helps ensure that all of the exterior wood areas are being properly maintained. Knowing how to refinish wood will help you take care of your home’s natural elements!

Refinishing Exterior Wood Surfaces

The process for refreshing exterior wood on your home will depend upon the state of the wood and stain.

If the Wood is in Good Condition

If the wood exterior of your home is still in good condition and you want to go with a professional, they will give it a light sanding before applying two coats of Sansin ENS clear coat. The coating process typically doesn’t require stripping or additional scuff sandings if you’re working on the shingle-style siding.

If the Stain is Fading or Peeling

In the case that a water or fading stain is present, professionals will cover glass and other areas on the exterior of the home to protect it from damage. When wood surfaces are sanded in this situation, Festool dustless sanding may be used if desired to remove old finish before finer grit paper is applied for further work.With the wood having been sanded, a Sansin foundation coat is applied to help it accept new stain. The Sansin SDF stain coat (which can be matched with almost any color), followed by two coats of ENS clear-coat for protection are then used on top of this base layer.

In Extreme Cases

If the wood on your exterior is severely damaged by water, professionals may use chemicals to try and remove some of these stains; however this process often fails. A better option in cases like this would be to hire a carpenter who can replace the damaged parts easily and efficiently.

Caring for Exterior Wood Surfaces

After you have refinished the exterior wood surfaces of your home, it is important to maintain them. Apply a clear coat every three to six years depending on sun exposure so that they stay looking great for longer!

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