How to Repaint a Wooden Door

Having your home’s exterior painted is one way to make it look new again. Not only will a fresh coat of paint on the outside create an eye-catching effect, but when done correctly by professionals like Ethereal Painters we know that this job can also protect you from any potential moisture issues inside!
– knowing how complete repainting process works; – various types and styles available including doors

1. Remove Weather Stripping & Hardware

A professional painter will remove any hardware or mask the door before painting. The first step in getting ready for new paint is taking care of those pesky weather stripping issues that are sure to get you if don’t take them off beforehand! Once they’re gone, it’s smooth sailing from here on out- no more worries about being able push open our newly painted doors until next summer when we want them closed all winter long again.

2. Repair & Sand the Door

A professional painter will make sure your door is in perfect condition before they start painting. They’ll repair any imperfections with Bondo Wood Filler or another type of filler and then take the time to degrease (if necessary), scuff sand, promote adhesion – all for a smooth surface!

3. Prime & Paint the Door

Substantiating: After priming, a professional painter will apply two coats of paint with a brush/roller or sprayer. In the event that they decide to use an airless andvolatile medium (like latex), mask just inside your door so as not too disturb neighboring surfaces during application time.

4. Reinstall Weather Stripping & Hardware

Once the new paint on your door has dried, you can remove any masking before reinstalling hardware (if it was removed) and then put up with that bothersome weather stripping.


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