How to Test Out Paint Colours Before Painting Your Home

When painting your home, you should know the right paint colours to buy. If not, it might cost a lot of time and money later on when trying to fix any mistakes or problems with the colour choices made initially.

This article discusses the importance of testing paint colors before you begin painting. The best way to test exterior or interior paint color is by doing a small section, called an “A” sample on your wall. Check out this guide for more information!

Testing Interior Paint

You’ve chosen some paint samples from the store – now what? To make sure you get your ideal color, follow these guidelines for testing them out.

Painting Your Wall vs. Creating Your Own Samples

When testing paint, the wall can make a difference. For walls with texture or peeled paint, you’ll want to test directly on the surface of your selection in order to see how it looks when applied. This will likely require priming before painting since this is different from typical surfaces and coverage might not be even otherwise!

If you want to test the paint colour without commitment, take a poster board or foam board and create your own samples. This allows you to easily try out different tones with no consequences in case something doesn’t work in real life!

Make Your Samples

Before deciding on a paint color, it’s best to make some samples. Make them bigger than you think you need because they’re going to be at least 1 square foot each and will help inform your decision about which one looks good in the space.

If you are painting directly onto the wall, make sure that it is clean. Dirt and scuffs may cause your paint color to not look as intended. You’ll also want to evaluate how a room looks in different lights with samples on multiple walls .

Before beginning, you’ll want to make sure that your sample has at least two coats of paint so it will accurately represent how the wall would look after painting.

Consider the Lighting

It is important to try out wall colors in your home before painting. You can leave samples up for a week so you have time to test lighting and see how it changes throughout the day on different walls. Once you’ve tested, take other’s opinion into consideration when choosing what paint color will work best with space!

How to Test Exterior Paint Colours

When deciding on the perfect exterior paint color for your home, you need to consider a number of things. Firstly, it should fit in with your neighborhood as well as any potential buyers who might be interested in seeing more than just the outside. To test out colors and create an inviting first impression we recommend: 1) testing them throughout different times of day; 2) painting small sections at a time; 3) consulting friends or family members before making final decisions.

Decide What You’re Going to Be Painting

Are you painting the trim and window shudders or are you painting the whole house? If your house has brick components, are you going to paint over it? What about the roof? Sometimes, small changes – like updating with new color – can make a big difference in appearance. Make sure that before testing colors for selection of final color options.

Time to Call the Experts

Now that you’ve decided what colour to paint your home, it’s time to call in the experts.

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