How To Use Japandi Style In Your Home

Japandi style has become a bit of an internet trend in recent times, but if you’re curious about what it means or how this “perfect marriage” between two different design styles came to be so popular then don’t worry! Even though these regions are far apart there’s actually more similarities than people give them credit for.


Japandi is a creative style trend that combines the best of Scandinavian design with Japanese minimalism. Minimalist shapes, natural materials and pale colors make this exterior look Nordic in nature while bringing some brightness to your home during winter months when there’s not enough sunlight for interior designs.

Japanese minimalism is a bit different than Western design in that it focuses more on clean lines and natural materials. The focus of Japanese aesthetics includes wabi-sabi, which states there should be imperfections to bring out the beauty for what isn’t complete or perfect; this can make spaces feel sleek while being less cluttered like some other cultures might find appealing.

The difference between Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism can sometimes feel like night and day, but when you look at them separately they are pretty different. The combination of these styles gives off a space that highlights natural elements while still leaving some open for what’s important – the comfort of your home or office!


When designing a Japandi room, the base of your color palette should be neutrals. The colors are closer to classic Scandinavian designs but instead use warmer whites and cream-colored tones for warmth in contrast with pure blacks or greys that have been used sparsely throughout various parts of the space. Think about adding blush pink hues as well as muted blues and greens if you’re looking at achieving more drama through lighter shades!

To create balance, use natural elements like wood to ground the space and bring in brighter colors. Try adding pops of color through accessories instead of on walls for more cohesion between styles within your living room or bedroom so that it feels cohesive as well!

If you are ready to create:

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