How To Use Lemon Yellow In Your Home

We all want spaces that feel sunny, bright and warm in our homes. This becomes especially important when we find ourselves stuck inside during winter with the shorter days leaving us wanting more sunshine in our lives. While we can’t control the weather (or time), there are ways to get a little bit of summer vibes into your home right now! How? Incorporate Lemon Yellow into your decor for an instant refreshment that feels like it’s just on vacation from warmer climates .

Lemon yellow is an ideal color for rooms that are lively and energetic. We like it in spaces where you want to encourage conversation, such as living rooms, kitchens or dining areas. It can be too stimulating for a bedroom space though! Lemon yellow would make great accents in any relaxing room instead of being the main wall color.

A bright yellow hue has a soothing effect that can make you feel like your are sitting in an inviting room even on the gloomiest day. Not only is it visually striking but also gives off feelings of warmth, especially when combined with hints of lemon, making this shade perfect for dark spaces which tend to become less inviting during winter.

The brightness of the yellow often makes it seem like a limited choice when in fact, this color is actually quite versatile and pairs well with many different colors.

For a truly classic look, nothing works quite like crisp white. If you want to go with yellow walls, stick with soft whites on the trim and in larger pieces of furniture such as bookshelves or tables.

A grey sofa would look amazing in a living room done up with bright yellow and white. The shade of the gray should be considered because both dark and light grays work really well with bright yellow.

If you want to bring more color into your space, blue is always a great choice. Navy tones down intensity of yellow while bright cobalt can really pop when paired with it.

Purple is a good choice to add to your yellow palette because it’s cool, bright and creates contrast. Limit yourself with too much of both colors though as they can be overpowering when used togetherI

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