Is it Better to Roll or Spray Paint?

A professional painter will use either a roller or spray paint in different areas of your home. Most people choose to use a roller for the outside and a sprayer for the inside. You can ask someone from Ethereal Painters which areas would be better to paint using each type of paint and they will know.

Benefits of Spraying Paint

Paint can be applied using several different methods — with a brush, roller or by spray painting.Of all these variations on paint application, the fastest way to apply paint is through spraying it onto the surface of an object.

Compared to rolling up and down the length of a surface to apply paint evenly, a squirt gun provides more than enough product to finish most projects in much less amount of time; this is why spraying offers quicker finishes for surfaces that are too large or detailed for accurate brushwork.One solution for exterior paint projects, new construction, and cabinetry is to spray paint. Using a sprayer allows large surfaces can be painted much more efficiently than other forms of painting.

Spray painting is also a good choice for people who are not comfortable working at heights or on ladders; spray paint allows an individual to work from below instead. Additionally, if you have deep cracks in your walls that would be difficult to reach with a brush or roller then spraying the paint may offer an easier way to achieve coverage.

Benefits of Rolling Paint

On the other hand, rolling is more appropriate for smooth surfaces and edges such as doors and baseboard heaters.Another advantage of applying paint by using a roller is that it offers better control over where the product goes; this means there will be less waste and therefore more economical than using sprayer applicators that shoot out product all over the surface. 

The drawback to using rollers is that they are slower than sprayers or brushes. When painting a room, it may take longer to use rollers because you need to move the material around more often rather than just applying a coat of paint. However, an extra step that can be added is the sponge roller method which allows you to apply paint in fewer strokes. This process works best when painting ceilings or walls with smooth surfaces and edges like doors and baseboard heaters.

Benefits of Using a Both Methods

Using both methods has benefits for both the interior and exterior paint projects.  Having the option to use either method is beneficial due to versatility in painting styles, especially when you are working on an old house that has different cracks, surfaces and edges throughout the home; this makes using both methods more cost efficient since one isn’t only limited to just one type of application.

The final recommendation from Ethereal Painters would be to use a combination of the two methods for all your painting projects; this will allow you to save time and money.  I hope you consider our company for your interior & exterior needs!

If you need help deciding which one would be better for your project contact Ethereal Painters at 604-505-2745 or visit our website to learn more about all their services. You can fill out our FREE estimate form here.