New Home? The Best Colors For A Fresh Start

Finding the right color for your new home is not as easy as it seems. Before you unpack everything, consider which colors to paint each room. When it comes to painting your home’s interior, there are a lot of things you need to consider.  These seven color options should help answer those questions!

Pick up a few tester pots and start painting!


Taupe is a beautiful color that adds just the right amount of neutral and natural tones to your home. Taupe comes with different undertones, including grey, lavender and brown which will make each wall look sophisticated in its own way. It’s an amazing choice for interiors as it has a timeless quality about it – you can’t go wrong when choosing this paint!

Charcoal Gray

To create a more intimate space, try charcoal gray. It is an incredible addition to your interior as it makes the walls seem to disappear and brings in beautiful drama. The color has just the right amount of warmth, which looks amazing on walls with its neutral tone that pairs well with other colors for accent pieces throughout the room.

Windy Sky (Light Blue)

This beautiful light blue shade is a cool-toned color that pairs well with many other wall colors. It creates serenity and calmness in your space, while also complimenting the room’s decor without overpowering it. This soft pastel palette complements this awesome hue perfectly!

Light Grey

Light grey is a great choice to showcase your home’s features, as it has cool tones that contribute to creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. The color can make the room look bright and more open with its modern flair. For monochromatic looks, light or pale grey works seamlessly together in an open living space. It adds drama to walls when coupled with black or white especially for contemporary homes like yours!


If you’re going for a neutral look, choose something with cool undertones. We don’t recommend using bright white because it can feel too clinical in the house. Soft creams and slight shades of grey or blue will help to give your walls a slightly modern touch while still remaining simple and minimalist!


There’s a lot to love about chamomile, from its warm yellow hue and bold coloration. Just one would stand out on its own while also pairing well with other strong colors such as teal magenta , bright yellow or burnt orange .

Exotic Red

Exotic red is a rich and deep, complex paint that adds in beauty and drama to your house. When paired with crisp white it pops out! This color will add some energy to your room so you won’t regret making this bold choice.

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