Paint A Feature Wall

You want to make the most of your space? You need a feature wall. A fabulous way for you and guests alike, this style staple offers easy and simple ways in which one aspect can be highlighted without feeling like there’s not enough going on around it!

Here are some common questions and answers about feature walls:

“How do I pick a feature wall?”

A feature wall will instantly draw your eye to it and help you create the look of an open, airy space. You can go even more bold by painting other areas throughout—like a bookshelf or fireplace—to give off thatoothing vibe! But for those who prefer something simple yet sophisticated all at once (you know who you are!), picking out just one piece in this category is really only limited by what type/color paint they have on hand; as long as its leftover from last week’s project because we never like wasting good paint.

“What color should I choose?”

For a feature wall in the room, it is best to choose an accent or shade of color that you would not use elsewhere. If there are already many lighter shades throughout your house then this one darker shade can give a subtle look and contrast ratio without being overwhelming on its own – just make sure both colors match well together before applying them!

What if you want to create a dramatic, high contrast look? Choose colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. Cool blues are great for bathrooms and bedrooms while warm yellows or orangey reds would be better suited in living rooms. Take into account what furniture pieces and flooring is already there so that their influence doesn’t overpower other aspects when painting small spaces like this one!

“What kind of paint should I use?”.

When painting your own furniture, it’s important to pay attention and do something that is well-planned. Make sure you have everything necessary like painter’s tape for even stripes, a level in order not be off-leveled when applying paint on top of another color or texture finish; these things will make all the difference between success an failure! When deciding what kind of design you want (glossy vs matte), try layering two colors together – this way there are more options than just using one single hue at once which gives style points as well since most people don’t know how different their homes look based solely upon certain hues alone anymore anyways so creativity should come back around again.

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