Paint Colors For Small Rooms

If you think your small space can only be decorated in white or beige, then you’re missing out! A room painted with the right color will add character and depth to a tiny area without making it feel gloomy.



All bedrooms are intended to feel cozy and relaxing, but depending on the type of colors you find most soothing that could mean choosing more muted or pastel hues.If you want to keep things lighter and more on the neutral side, try warm tones of blush pink or creamy beige. For cooler tones, consider lilac, lavender sky blue ,or a soft gray. If you want to try something bolder peacock blue is great color that is definitely bright but still very soothing.


If you want your living room to be a place that is filled with energy and encourages lively conversations, try using bolder colors like bright blue, emerald green or deep red.If you want a place where you can relax, use lighter shades of sage green or soft gray in the room. These colors work best with rooms that have lots of windows and natural light. If your neutral is gunmetal gray, add some intensity without being overpowering.


If you want to brighten up your hallway without windows, choose lighter shades of blue, green or pastel yellow. If it gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day then go for darker colors like purple and navy blue instead since they’re great at hiding dirt marks that often appear on walls in front entryways.


Kitchens are typically lively spaces, which makes them perfect for having fun with your color choices. Whether it’s an accent wall or allover wall color, you can go brighter in a small kitchen to keep the space alive and interesting. Some great options include forest green , bright yellow , robin’s egg blue , or turquoise . If you want to still have some muted colors but don’t want the space too boring try mint green or aqua.


For a bathroom that’s on the smaller side, you’ll want to use colors that are light in order to open up your space. Aqua or very light blue give off an airy feel and create more roominess while still looking classy.If you’re painting a small powder room, go for much bolder colors. You don’t need to make it appear larger so try very dark or bright tones like teal, sapphire blue, peony pink and rich gold-toned peach.

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