Paint Colors For Small Rooms

Small bedroom size is the most typical found in today’s modern houses. That’s because, most people now use their bedrooms only as sleeping areas therefore they don’t try to make it comfortable to spend time. Small bedrooms are often dark and have depressing ambiance which lowers our psychological well-being when we stay there for a long time. If you also have this problem then here are some paint colors ideas for small bedrooms that will brighten up your room to create more pleasant atmosphere and feel better when spend some time in there. The bedroom has the effect of a magnifying glass so if you want to make the room look larger just choose lighter paint colors with neutral color palettes such as beige, light gray or brown.

Here are some of the paint colours we suggest using for smaller rooms:

1. Warm gray tone

One of the best paint colors for small bedrooms because it will not only increase the general ambiance and sense of space in your room but also make the light entering through the window to be more diffused like natural daylight.

2. Sea foam green paint color

 An excellent choice for a bedroom especially for those who have small children. This color might seems too hard at first sight but when applied into a wall, floor or furniture it becomes softer and safer than many other colors that are too daring.

3. Navy blue paint color

Another great idea if you want to make your bedroom look bigger by using darker shades as its dominant colour scheme without making dark shadows on your walls and ceiling with lighter colored furniture pieces.

4. Light gray paint color 

A good choice for those with black furniture since it will make your bedroom to look lighter than using another dark tone like navy blue. Combining this kind of paint colors with other neutral tones such as brown, beige or white can create very comfortable and safe atmosphere especially for smaller bedrooms.

5. Dark brown wall paint color 

A great idea if you want to have warm ambiance in your small bedroom without the hard feeling that comes from applying darker shades like navy blue or black. This color scheme gives more relaxing environment and makes people feel happier when stay there longer time sleeping or doing activities in their bedroom which differentiates them from the rest of the rooms inside the house where only serve one specific activity.

6. Neutral color 

The best choice if you are planning to paint your bedroom with mid tone such as light gray or beige but it also suitable for people who love darker colors like navy blue, black and brown since it can help to reduce the dominant feeling of a specific color.

7. For those who don’t like very bright paint colors, off-white is a good choice

 You can still get neutral ambiance without making it too bright which makes us feel uncomfortable about staying in there longer time. The presence of natural green leaf wallpaper brings more natural feelings in this room style while being complimented by wooden baseboard with beautiful simple frame that gives warm view inside the bedroom interior design .  

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