Reasons Fall Is The Perfect Exterior Painting Season

The days are getting shorter and cooler, so now is the perfect time for you to complete your outdoor painting projects before winter storms arrive.

As summer trips wind down and kids head back to school, fall provides the perfect opportunity for you to take a step away from your hectic lifestyle. Now is time to get in touch with what needs do exist around our house so before winter comes knocking on our door we can tackle those projects that have been waiting patiently all year long!

So you want to get your fall home projects done before winter? Hiring professionals with a solid reputation and experience in timing is essential. Time may seem like it’s running out, but there are still plenty of opportunities for exterior painting this month!
The time now is perfect – just make sure not to miss any deadlines or else that roof will be pitch black by December 1st when we all know what happens next…

Autumn is the most perfect time to design your fall home. Why? For one thing, it has colors that are rich and deep like browns or oranges before they change into burgundy reds in November; secondly, you can paint between September-November without worrying about getting too much snow because there’s always some winter weather happening outside (referred to as “winter”); thirdly this season signals an end for summer which means we need get our house ready for cooler temperatures with sweater-wearing days ahead! Lastly, autumn provides us more natural light than any other month so make sure every room feels cozy by painting its walls bright warm.

Follow these five of the most important reasons to paint between September and November:

The fall is the perfect time for a fresh coat of paint. Use our handy online estimate form or contact Ethereal Painters at  604-788-3382, and we’ll show you how to get everything on your list done without breaking the budget this season!