Selling your home? Repaint Your House Exterior

If you are thinking of selling your home, one of the most important things that potential buyers will notice is the condition of your siding. If they see peeling paint or faded-looking color, this could lead them to assume there are other problems with the house that need to be fixed. A fresh coat of exterior paint can do wonders for increasing how much your house is worth.

Here are six signs that you should start thinking about repainting your home:

The color is just not right. Your paint job may have looked great when it was first done, but years down the line it can look faded or dated. If the color of your siding doesn’t match the feeling of the neighborhood, potential buyers may be turned away from the house.

The siding is worn out. If there are a lot of dents or spots where the paint has been scraped off by furniture being moved in and out of the home, it’s time to have it repainted. However, if you simply don’t like the color anymore but the siding is still in good condition, you may want to consider just changing the color.

Your house doesn’t match the other houses on your block. If everyone else has repainted their homes and yours is still looking dingy, it’s time to give your exterior a makeover as well. This will ensure that the curb appeal of your home is as attractive as those on either side. You don’t have to repaint the whole house, just pick some major features that will be noticeable from the street so buyers know you took special care with your home.

You’ve noticed a lot of mold growing on the outside. Moisture can come in via cracks or holes in the siding and lead to mold. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also be a health hazard for anyone living in the home. If you have an older house that isn’t well insulated, you may want to think about increasing energy efficiency so mold doesn’t become a problem for your siding again.

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