Signs that You Need to Paint Your House

 Rather than painting your house because the outside has faded, you can instead learn to detect signs that indicate when it is time for a paint job. When Ethereal Painters offers comprehensive exterior painting services tailored towards each unique home.

How to Know When to Paint Your House’s Exterior

Determine if you should paint your house by examining the exterior for telltale signs that it needs to be painted. These may depend on what elements make up your home’s exterior, such as:

• Holes and cracks in siding • Faded or peeling paint

Wood Siding

If you’re planning to paint your home, it’s important that the wood siding is in good shape. Wood with cracks or rot can’t be painted and will have to be replaced before a new coat of exterior paint goes on. If there are any signs of chipping or faded paint, then make sure those areas get repaired first as well!

Wood Trim
If you have wood siding, it’s important to inspect your home for cracks, rot or cupping. Wood that is badly damaged will need replacement before painting the exterior of a house. Look out for chipping and faded paint on previously painted surfaces too!


If your home has a stucco exterior, it is important to look for any signs of moss or mildew growth that will need to be removed before repainting. You should also inspect other areas with failed paint and fading paint as these may require more extensive repairs than just a fresh coat of new color on the walls.

Decks & Walked on Surfaces

Having a deck or other walked-on exterior surface will wear down faster than others do. Replacing faded paint on the surfaces should be done regularly to prevent rusting and chipping of materials in order for your home’s appearance to stay fresh looking longer…

Other Surfaces

Other surfaces on the exterior of your home will show a lot of the same telltale signs of needing to be repainted, such as failing paint issues, moisture issues, and moisture ingress issues.

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