Small Paint Projects for a Home Facelift

Whether you are thinking about selling your Vancouver home or want to refresh your living space, some small paint projects can go a long way. A quality painting job makes any place look like new again. In our list of 10 easy upgrades for an amazing facelift at Ethereal Painters we know that these simple changes will make sure the potential buyers love and take care of it as well!

Paint High Traffic Areas

Scuff X is a great paint to use in high traffic areas of your home, such as door frames and baseboards. It can be used on almost any surface that experiences frequent wear or damage from normal activity; this includes crown molding and chair railing too! This small yet effective project will make the overall look of each room much better than before.

Paint High Use Areas

To keep your home looking like new, have areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms repainted regularly. When having a bathroom or kitchen painted, make sure that both walls and ceilings are being painted to prevent mildew from forming on surfaces which aren’t getting proper ventilation.

Change Up the Paint for Fun

Ethereal Painters offers a variety of interior and exterior painting services. They are experienced in both commercial spaces as well as residential homes, whether you want to paint your entire home or finish one room at time. To learn more about their affordable rates for all projects big or small,contact Ethereal Painters  at 604-788-3382 or by filling  out our estimate form..