Steps to Preparing Your Home for Exterior Painting

Preparing your home for exterior painting can seem like a daunting task. There are so many things to think about and prepare, that you may not know where to start. This blog post will give you 12 steps to help get your house ready for an exterior paint job. We’ll go over everything from how much prep work is needed, what supplies you need on hand before the project starts, and more!


 It’s time to get the tools out and take care of that old, peeling paint. Not only will this make your home look great, but it will also improve the resale value of your property.


When it comes to home improvement, there is a lot that you can do. However, there are some repairs that should be done before anything else. One of those repairs is repairing any damaged surfaces in your home. This includes the flooring and walls in your kitchen or bathroom! Think about it this way: would you rather spend money on new flooring or spend money fixing up an old dirty carpet?


If you have a driveway or sidewalk that is cracked and needs to be repaired, now would be a good time to do it. Taking care of repairs will not only improve the aesthetics of your property but also make it safer for pedestrians. With winter on its way, repairing damaged surfaces can help prevent slips, falls and accidents in the near future. 4) COVER YOUR DOORS, WINDOWS, AND LIGHTSDoors, windows, and lights are all important parts of your home that need to be properly covered. When doors or windows aren’t covered it can lead to energy loss through the door or window. This also leads to an increased chance for break-ins because these areas are exposed and offer easy access points into your home. The most common form of break-in is when someone gains entry by breaking a windowpane in a door or window. If you don’t want this happening at your house, then make sure you cover up those entrances!
You may not be able to see your door or windows from the street, but burglars can. Covering these areas will make it difficult for thieves to spot an opportunity in your home. Thieves often look for lights on at night as well. Turn off all unnecessary lights and use timers if you need lighting during specific hours of the day.

Covering your doors, windows, and lights are important parts of keeping your home secure! You should always use curtains on the windows and replace any broken or cracked window panes. Additionally, you can install locks on all exterior doors to keep them from being forced open by intruders.

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