Summer Is The Best Time Of Year To Paint Your Home’s Exterior

The white and pastel colors popular for home exteriors in early spring and summer typically come at a price – they fade. And we’re not talking about the vibrant hues that make sun-exposed surfaces appear bleached. We mean pale neutrals in general, including the popular “greige,” which has been the hot exterior trend for several years now.

“Painting your home is an investment, and the last thing you want to do is paint it one time and then have to do it all over again in just a couple of years,” says Jeff Lewis, director of marketing at Benjamin Moore & Co., which has introduced two new paints to its Aura line of exterior paints. “Ongoing durability is becoming more important to homeowners, so they are asking for paints that they don’t have to keep repainting, especially in white or light neutral colors.”

To paint or not to paint?

When it comes to exterior painting projects, timing can be everything. Spring and summer, when mild weather typically prevails, are the most popular times to do exterior home painting projects – for obvious reasons: You can enjoy your newly painted house longer before winter sets in and the elements begin taking their toll again. But many professional painters recommend spring as the best time of year to paint your house’s exterior.

“We recommend spring for exterior painting, although summer is fine as long as your house doesn’t sit idle until you get to it so that the paint can cure properly.


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