The 8 Best Baby Nursery Colors

Congratulations on your new baby! Are you excited to decorate their nursery? There are so many choices, but don’t worry. We have some tips for choosing colors that will make the room look great and feel fun too.


It is important to consider color theory when selecting a color for the nursery. We don’t know exactly how infants respond, but older children and adults have similar responses that are based on psychological studies of their behaviors in response to colors.

The passage is about how babies develop and what parents should get for them. It says that the product needs to be both soothing and also stimulating, which can help baby’s development.

Lighter versions of these colors (like a pastel yellow) can work on the walls, but you don’t want to overdo it. Brights like red and orange should be used sparingly as they’re not recommended for use in children’s rooms; we recommend using them only as accents against lighter colors such as blues or greens.

When choosing wall colors for a baby’s room, one question to consider is whether you want traditional gendered color schemes or something more neutral.


Pink is often associated with baby girls, but it can be very soothing to all genders. The warmer tone of pink creates a cozy and comfortable space for babies. If you want something similar in feel but less girly, consider lavender- the cool purple shade makes spaces serene and peaceful.


Using the soft blue hue of a baby boy’s classic color can be soothing for any nursery. However, make sure to keep in mind that different shades have different vibes and may affect your overall design preference.


A great option for a gender-neutral color is green. Green brings a sense of calm and energy to the room, which makes it perfect for use in classrooms or nurseries with infants. Yellow also serves as an excellent neutral choice because its warm feel offers comfort while simultaneously stimulating concentration – just make sure you opt for softer yellows if your plan includes painting all walls yellow since bright colors might agitate babies instead!

Brown is also a great gender-neutral color for the nursery. It’s very warm and can create cozy space, but be careful with your shade choice. Stay to rich chocolate tones or much lighter shades paired soft neutrals. If you like brown but it feels too dark, gray is another option that matches well against bright colors so it doesn’t feel as oppressive because of its cooler undertones than brown which tends towards warmth

White is a great choice for any nursery. It’s simple and clean, which gives you the ability to change up your look easily by switching out accents. In addition to this being true, it also creates a backdrop that makes other colors pop as well!


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