The Best Paint Colors For Your Kids’ Rooms

The first thing that comes to mind when choosing the best paint colors for your kids’ bedroom might be fun, bright, and vibrant colors. But we won’t stick just with those options on this list. We’re going beyond the basics and delving into some calmer paint color palettes as well as bolder ones to ensure your kid’s room has a color that meets his or her unique style and preferences.

Let’s start with those basic paint colors that you’re used to seeing in the kid’s room category: bright, bold, vibrant colors.

Primary Colors

Ok, so I’m not going to suggest primary colors for your entire walls unless you plan on having a circus-themed room. But, they are the best colors to use in smaller doses for accents like bedding or furniture. They’re also fun for stenciling on walls because you can mix them together to create new colors.


If you’re looking for something bolder than primary colors, check out some orange paint colors. This color works well everywhere. It’s great for accent walls in almost any room, and it works well with other bold colors like red or yellow.


If lime green isn’t your style, what about a nice forest green? You can use this color for smaller accents or large pieces of furniture.


Don’t forget that blue is a good choice for smaller rooms. It’s mellow enough to work well in a bedroom or playroom, but it also works well as the accent color in the living room or dining room.

White And Black

Of course, you can’t go wrong with black and white. These are easy colors to maintain, so they’re good for high-traffic areas.

Cream And Beige

If you want to mix things up a bit, try incorporating some cream or beige paint colors. These are good accent colors if your room is already using one of the bolder colors featured above. They’re also great for hallways and other rooms where you don’t need as much color saturation.

Now let’s head into some calmer, more neutral paint colors.


Most parents probably don’t think of gray when they’re looking for the perfect paint color. But it’s a great choice for boys and girls because it can go with just about any other color you choose. It also goes well in rooms where you want to add a storage bench or any other piece of furniture with a pop of color.

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